When I started repairing lawnmowers for profit my toolkit consisted of whatever was laying around in the garage. It wasn’t much but quite honestly, in the beginning, it’s all I needed.

I got by just fine for the first few months or so with some basic tools. I had a  few sockets some pliers and some old screwdrivers with paint on the handles!

You really don’t need many tools to get started in this business.

However, there comes a time when you should really invest some of your profits back into your business.

I can remember buying my first “decent” socket set. I bought it over ten years ago and still have every piece. Not one piece has failed.

Only once have I failed to use my socket set to undo a part.

Just for reference, it was a spark plug on a Briggs and Stratton 500E series engine on a Massport deck!

Having a great socket/toolkit has simply saved me hours. It’s so nice to have everything you need in one place and in all honesty, it’s one of my best ever purchases. I’ve used it thousands of times.

Taking all things into consideration an looking at the parts included my current recommendation would be the Mannesmann Socket Set (215 Pieces) 

This tool set comes with so many different tools and sockets which makes it absolutely ideal. There is a great selection of sockets, spanners, screwdriver and Torx bits plus lots of extensions and a strong case to keep everything in one place. 215 quality pieces that will last a very long time.

In short if were to purchase a new set of tools today then this would be my choice.