How To Make Money Selling Lawnmowers- A Beginners Complete Guide

How To Make Money Selling Lawnmowers

In this article, I’m going to share the exact blueprint I’ve used over the last 10 years for buying lawnmowers and selling them for profit.

Repairing and selling lawnmowers for profit is a simple business you can set up with minimal tools from your garden shed.

I know this for a fact because it’s exactly how I started and in all honesty, I still don’t have any expensive equipment or a workshop!

What you do need is knowledge, not just of how to do the repairs but also how to buy cheaply and sell for profit.

You may also want to consider there is a great profit to be made in selling second-hand spares online so don’t worry if you don’t fancy learning the simple repair processes.

Let’s Get Started

I’m going to give you over 250 tutorial videos on how to undertake just every repair you will ever need. Take a look at my Youtube channel and hit the subscribe button and you’ll be on your way.

Access the tutorial videos here

Before we go any further take a look at this short video to see the profit potential.


Ok, so now we both know you won’t be wasting your time we need to purchase a lawnmower to repair for profit.

Let’s take a look at where to purchase lawnmowers at low prices and exactly which type of lawnmower would

be ideal for a beginner to make their first profit.

You can find lots more information and start repairing lawnmowers for profit by checking out my online training here

Where To Buy Cheap Lawnmowers To Repair For Profit

There are many places to purchase cheap lawnmowers to start with, and once you’re established even to pick up free lawnmowers from.

The most obvious places are eBay and Facebook Marketplace. I usually find some absolute bargains advertised on notice boards in local shop windows. It’s also worth starting a Facebook advert on the marketplace and asking for broken lawnmowers explaining that you pay cash.

Over the years I sold thousands of DVD tutorials on how to make money selling lawnmowers, however, they are now free to view on my youtube channel

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The way I usually do this is to get people to post me a picture of the lawnmower and decide whether it’s worth repairing for profit.

People will often give away a lawnmower free of charge if you are willing to collect it. (It saves them taking it to the tip/skip).

Later in this article, I’ll discuss how to buy multiple lawnmowers in one go at rock bottom prices on the same day, but for now, we need to talk about which type of lawnmower is a great choice for a beginner to learn some repairs on.

Which Lawnmowers To Buy And Learn Simple Repairs On To Sell For Profit

The absolute best lawnmower to start with is anything with a Briggs And Stratton 35 Classic style engine on. The reason for this is, by learning one simple repair you can eliminate 90% of all running problems on this engine.

This is exactly how I got started. Most problems with the Briggs And Stratton Classic engines are hunting and surging issues.

You can read more about hunting and surging issues here

You can repair these lawnmower engines very quickly and cheaply by learning the very simple repair of replacing the diaphragm and gasket on the carburettor.

Before you worry this may be too complicated take a look at this video and I’ll show you exactly how to do this simple procedure.

One thing to make sure of is not to use aftermarket diaphragm and gasket sets, they rarely work and you will have endless problems.

Take a look at the recommended products page to find genuine spare parts including diaphragm and gasket sets for Briggs And Stratton engines.

You can visit the recommended parts page here.

Most Briggs And Stratton Classic engines have the same problems, so once you have some experience in replacing the diaphragm and gasket you can simply repeat the process hundreds of times over.

As a general rule, I like to sell my lawnmowers for at least double the purchase price.

This is just one example of a lawnmower that can easily be repaired and sold for profit and I do highly recommend looking for a lawnmower with this engine fitted.

You will be amazed how quickly you can do this repair with a little practice.

You will find this engine fitted to many Mountfield, Champion, Sovereign, McCulloch and Hayter lawnmowers so be sure to search for these brands when looking on eBay.

You can find a detailed article on how to service a Briggs And Stratton 35 Classic Engine here

Which Tools Will I Need To Service A Lawnmower?

Not many!

I started with an old set of spanners and a couple of screwdrivers covered in paint left in my garage by the previous house owner.

A small socket set with sizes up to 20mm are all you will need to get started, along with a flat head and Philips head (x) head screwdriver.  A set of spanners may be useful too.

These are the only tools you regularly need for servicing the carburettor and changing the diaphragm and gasket on a Briggs And Stratton 35 classic lawnmower engine.

This is why I always recommend starting with this type of lawnmower!

I have invested some of my profits back into tools over the years and I now have a small air compressor and a large socket set.

You can find all my current recommendations for tools on the recommended products page

Apart from these purchases, I have an electric impact wrench for removing blade bolts, a spark plug socket, a 2 jaw puller for removing blade adapters and a wire brush for cleaning the underside of the cutting deck but very little else.

You will soon learn which extra tools could be useful but this really is a very simple business you can start without spending much money up front.

If you don’t have an air compressor I always suggest buying cans of compressed air. These can be very useful for blowing out dirt from the carburettors.

Buying Tips

When looking to buy a cheap lawnmower to repair for profit there are a few things you can do to bring down the asking price.

  1. Be a little cheeky. By this I mean if a lawnmower is advertised on eBay for example with a starting bid of £20 or $20 ask the seller if they will take that price for it. I often find people on eBay and Facebook marketplace start the bids at the actual price they would be willing to accept.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask. The seller can only say no and often you can come to a compromise.
  3. Don’t forget you are looking to at least double your money on each lawnmower you sell so the more you can save when purchasing goes back in your pocket when you sell. The golden rule here is to be cheeky. If you don’t ask you don’t get.
  4. Be fast, offer to collect the same day or immediately and offer to pay cash. (This is a killer tip by the way).
  5. Be polite, manners cost nothing and people are far more likely to invite you to their home to pick up a lawnmower if you have a pleasant tone either via text message or on the phone!


How To Pick Up And Transport A Petrol Lawnmower

Many people are put off collecting old or broken petrol/gas lawnmowers as they don’t want to put them in the car and transport them.

This is a valid point but I have some great ways of doing this without making any mess whatsoever.

Whenever I go out in the car to pick up a lawnmower I take a huge bag and a cable tie. I also take two adjustable spanners and an old blanket.

Sometimes if a particular lawnmower is really filthy I simply wheel the lawnmower into a massive plastic bag and fasten the bag with a cable tie (zip tie). This eliminates all mess and unwanted smells from my car.

Please note I have a Youtube playlist that covers everything in this article here. (Click the triangle)

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Usually, I can just fold the rear seats down on my car and place an old blanket down, but it’s really useful to find and keep a good quality large plastic bag as well.

I always carry two adjustable spanners also so I can fold down the handles on any lawnmower.

Often the quick release handle bolts have been lost over time and people have replaced them with regular bolts which are impossible to undo by hand. By keeping two adjustable spanners I never have the problem of not being able to fold down the handles and get the lawnmower in my car.

Many people think that fuel will fly out everywhere when transporting a lawnmower in a car, it won’t, after all, lawnmowers never spill fuel or oil when in use over all various types of terrain.

One final tip on transporting a lawnmower is this, you will sell your lawnmowers much more easily if you offer to deliver them locally. Many older people especially love it when I turn up with the lawnmower ready to go, completely set up and spend a few minutes showing them how to operate it.

How To Service A Petrol Lawnmower

So, now we’ve established which type of lawnmowers to purchase (to start with), how to buy at rock bottom prices and covered the main repairs you will need to learn plus all the basic tools required, let’s see what you will need to do to fully service a petrol/gas lawnmower and sell for profit.

I service nearly every lawnmower I buy.

This doesn’t take me very long to do and I can then rightfully sell the lawnmower on in good working order and clearly state that it has just been serviced.

This is an important point.

If a potential buyer sees a great looking second-hand lawnmower that mentions it’s just been serviced and then lists everything it’s had done, it immediately stands out and you can expect to earn more profit for doing this work.

Here’s an example of how I service a simple Briggs And Stratton 35 Classic Lawnmower.


This step is where all the profit is made.

You need to convince your potential buyer that your lawnmower is 100% reliable yet a fraction of the cost of a new one.

If you think of this from a buyers point of view they obviously need a new lawnmower, yet don’t necessarily want to pay the full cost of a new one.

Many people would rather have an older refurbished/serviced Briggs And Stratton engine lawnmower than pay more money for an unknown brand.

Lots of people regularly tell me they have had their old lawnmower for years and want something similar to replace it. When I hear this and ask what make the old lawnmower was it’s usually Briggs And Stratton, Honda or Hayter.

Which Parts Should I Service?

Here is the exact process I use when servicing all my lawnmowers.

The first thing I always do before attempting any repair is to remove the spark plug lead, tip the lawnmower up and check the blade is attached properly.

The blade sits on a blade adapter (blade boss) and usually has to two pins on the adapter that sit inside the blade. Make sure this is the case.

The next step I take is to carefully wash down the outside of the lawnmower with a hosepipe to remove any old grass. Be very careful not to get the carburettor wet, just clean the main debris off. This stops any mess being transferred into my garage and gives me a clean lawnmower to work on.

Before attempting to start any lawnmower you should check the oil.

I always like to attempt to start a lawnmower before servicing to see how or if it runs. The reason for wanting to run the lawnmower is to warm up the oil to make it easier to remove.

The easiest way to service a lawnmower is to remove all fluids first. The best way to do this is with an oil extractor.

I use a Pela 6000 oil extractor to syphon out all the old oil and fuel from every lawnmower I service. You can of course just tip the lawnmower up to do this but you will experience white smoke problems when the engine restarts for at least  5- 10 minutes.

The reason for removing all the fluids is that you want to be able to access the underside of the cutting deck and remove the blade for sharpening.

Tip the lawnmower with the exhaust side facing down and the carburettor side up in the air (make sure the spark plug is now removed).

You can now remove the lawnmower blade and sharpen it up on a bench grinder or by hand using a file.

Just follow the natural angle of the blade and make a sharp edge.

You can also purchase a blade balancing tool to ensure the blade is evenly weighted at both ends if you wish.

Removing the lawnmower blade takes seconds with an impact tool I now have a Clarke one and really can’t recommend it highly enough.

It has saved me hours and I wish  I’d bought it long before I did. Here is a video I made of my first attempt at using it.


With the blade removed I always take a wire brush and remove all the grass that has become stuck on the underside of the cutting deck. This stops the cutting deck becoming rotten and is another thing you can mention when selling the lawnmower.

Any benefit you can point out helps make a sale.

You can take the time to re-paint the underside of the cutting deck if you wish. I personally only do this on my own lawnmower.

Next, replace the blade making sure it’s sitting correctly on the blade adapter and fully re-tighten. You can now set the lawnmower back on the ground and not need to access the underside again.

If a drive belt is fitted you should check it for signs of wear and make sure the belt guard is fitted. You can see how to do this on many of my Youtube videos.

Service The Carburettor

With all the fuel removed, you can go ahead and service the carburettor.

Always use a genuine diaphragm and gasket set. You can find these on this site on the recommended products page.

I will cover servicing other carburettors later in this article.

At this point on a Briggs And Stratton Classic engine, you will need to inspect and possibly replace the governor springs. You can find more information on this here

With the carburettor removed from the engine, I like to remove the starter recoil and remove all the dirt from around the cooling fins and engine using my air compressor.

This helps the lawnmower to cool properly and not suddenly cut out after a few minutes of use due to overheating.

You can use a simple brush for this job also.

Replace The Starter Rope

This isn’t always necessary. I usually just inspect the starter rope and If it looks damaged or frayed I will replace it. Most engines use the same procedure.

You can purchase pull cord rope in 100-metre lengths for not much more than a single rope. This is useful when doing lots of servicing.

Here is a video of how to fit a new pull cord.

Replace The Spark Plug

Believe it or not, this is a massive selling point! Many people don’t have much knowledge of lawnmower repair but they do know if a lawnmower has a new spark plug it must be a “good thing”!

I always use NGK spark plugs and have never had one single problem. The correct spark plug for a Briggs And Stratton engine is

Never underestimate the power of replacing the spark plug as a selling point!

Check The Kill Switch

The kill switch is situated at the back of the lawnmower engine. If it does not operate correctly the lawnmower ignition coil will not operate and in turn, the spark plug will not …well. spark!

To see how to check or replace a kill switch check out this video tutorial.

There is also a small wire that runs around the flywheel from the kill switch to the ignition coil. Make sure that it is in good condition and has no breaks in it.

Replace The Oil

The correct oil to use on a lawnmower is SAE 30 oil. It is designed to work at warm temperatures. 10W 30 is ideal or 5W 30 if working in colder temperatures (most likely on snowblowing equipment), Synthetic oil is also acceptable.

The Briggs classic engine uses around half a pint of oil (284mm). Take a measuring jug and fill it up to just below this marking. Top up as required.

Never overfill a lawnmower engine as it will cause white smoke problems as it burns off via the exhaust. It should look much cleaner on the engine oil dipstick than the old oil.

Be sure to dispose of any old oil and fuel in the correct way. This is the advantage of having an oil extractor, it stores everything until my next trip to the waste disposal at my local tip.

If you have tipped over the lawnmower to remove any old oil you will need to run the lawnmower in 2-minute intervals until any oil that has collected in the exhaust burns off. This can take up to 20 minutes.

I do strongly suggest using an oil extractor to eliminate all these problems.

Check The Ignition Coil Setting

The gap between the ignition coil and the flywheel needs to be set evenly.

Often when I pick up a lawnmower the previous owner has taken it apart to have one final attempt to repair it.

The ignition coil also has the governor flap assembly connected to it which, in turn, connects to the governor springs and the carburettor. In an attempt to alter the springs the ignition coil becomes loose and may need resetting.

Here is my article on how to set or replace a lawnmower ignition coil.

I have never had an ignition coil fail on a lawnmower, however, I have seen them incorrectly set or loose.

More often the problem is the wire from the microswitch or kill switch to the ignition coil has a break in it, meaning the spark plug doesn’t function at all.

Tighten And Adjust All Cables

As previously discussed the kill switch needs to operate correctly for the lawnmower to start.

Poorly adjusted or stretched cables can cause all sorts of problems including not operating the kill switch properly!

When I first bought my own petrol lawnmower I was disappointed that the self-drive stopped working altogether after just 2 years. I used it without the self-drive for at least a year before wondering if adjusting the cable would help…

By sliding the adjustment down the handle slightly and re-tightening I instantly repaired what I thought was a broken self-drive.

Cables stretch a lot over time, and you will often find a non-running lawnmower to repair that simply needs a cable adjusting or replacing.

Be sure to tighten the handles where they attach to the cutting deck also.

I often zip tie the cable to the handles to tidy things up a bit, but be careful to make sure they still operate correctly and never tie two cables together.

Moving On To Different Carburettor Designs

There is great profit to be made in repairing Honda lawnmowers.

Honda lawnmowers and many others do not have a diaphragm and gasket set up. Honda lawnmowers sell for very high profits when serviced and advertised correctly.

Instead, they use what I like to call a bowl style carburettor.

The good news is that once you know how to service this type of carburettor it’s very similar on many other lawnmowers. Take a look at this video where I show how to service this type of carburettor.

The only difference between different makes and models is how many springs and connecting rods actually need removing to be able to take the carburettor of the lawnmower for servicing.

I strongly suggest taking multiple photos of all linkages and springs before you attempt to remove the carburettor.

I still do this.

It takes seconds to take a few photos from different angles and will really help you if you forget where (or which way around) any linkages, springs or screws go.

You will quickly learn that apart from different carburettor setups the actual principle of servicing everything else is the same. There are a few more repairs you will want to learn as you progress.

Setting Lawnmower Valves

Briggs And Stratton’s Classic engines do not have an overhead valve set up. Instead, they use a flathead engine. The design of this engine makes it difficult to adjust the valves without having specialist tools and grinding the valve stems.

The advantage of OHV (Overhead Valves) is they are designed to be adjusted as they wear. You will find OHV fitted to many lawnmowers including Honda as you progress.

Setting the valves makes a huge difference in how a lawnmower pulls over, starts and runs and idles.

You will need to learn this process as well as servicing bowl style carburettors as you progress.

Hopefully, you can now see why I specifically mentioned the Briggs 35 Classic as an ideal starting point. It has valves that rarely need adjustment and a simple carburettor, plus you can remove the whole gas tank and carburettor with just two bolts and 6 screws.

I suggest you gain some experience with this model first. When you do find a lawnmower with an overhead valve set up you will want to watch this video to see exactly how to set them properly.

Cleaning A Lawnmower To Make Maximum Profit

I don’t know how to emphasise just how important this step is. 

If you skip this step you are waving goodbye to a massive amount of money. 

Later in this article, I’m going to cover how to sell for maximum profit (and buy in bulk) but for now, I will say that the better a lawnmower looks when you list it for sale the more profit you will make.

People say photographs say a thousand words. What you need to do is make sure that when a potential buyer sees your lawnmower for sale online (or off) that it immediately stands out from the crowd.

As well as taking decent photographs of the lawnmower it needs to be completely clean.

At the very beginning of the article, I mentioned cleaning the lawnmower off lightly using a hosepipe. What you now need to do is make this lawnmower sparkle and shine.

I keep a roll of disposable cloth and an old pan scrubber to do this!

I use WD-40 and spray the whole lawnmower cutting deck then spend around ten minutes cleaning every area until it looks as good as it possibly can.

If a lawnmower has white wheel trims you should clean these as well.

I usually have to scrub the dirt from around the wheels with an old pan scrubber. Sometimes I also paint the very bottom of the cutting deck around the wheels to tidy things up a little bit.

Once everything looks clean dry everything off.

Before I take any photographs I spray it up with silicone spray. This helps shine the paint and also darkens any black plastic to help it look a little newer. One thing that really helps is spraying the wheels.

Every little thing you do will make a huge difference when it comes to attracting potential buyers and it’s sometimes great to take a before and after picture just for fun!.

How To Sell A Lawnmower For Maximum Profit

If you want to make as much profit as possible you must first put in the work.  It usually only takes me around 1 hour to do all of the above servicing mentioned.

With experience, you will also be able to do this.

The key to selling anything is to be able to list all the benefits a customer will get from purchasing a product from you. If you have done all of the servicing as shown above then you can state this in your advert.

One tip you must remember is to not undersell your lawnmowers. Always price them slightly higher than your competitors.

Price often reflects quality in peoples buying mind and the fact you are willing to list your lawnmower at a slightly higher price actually instils confidence in buyers and often create intrigue in your listing.

After all, you have done the job correctly, fully serviced the lawnmower and it’s in good clean condition ready to start work!

Here’s an example of what I write when listing a lawnmower for sale on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. (Note how many benefits and reasons to buy I use)

“Mountfield Self Propelled Lawnmower with Briggs And Stratton Engine-Fully serviced complete with grass box.

Fully serviced and ready to go including.

Blade sharpened and balanced

Cutting deck in good solid order, cleaned underneath to prevent rot

Self-drive (it pushes itself) good working order

New spark plug

Oil Changed

Carburettor serviced

All springs and cables set and checked

Valves adjusted (when applicable)

Starts runs and cuts perfectly.

See my feedback for all my lawnmower listings.

Any questions please ask. Buyer collects from (postcode) or Free local delivery (within 5 Miles)”

There are other things you may want to add but you get the idea. List every benefit possible.

Offering to deliver locally is a great way to make a sale at the price you want.

Take Great Quality Photographs

Virtually every mobile phone takes great quality photographs.

Currently, eBay lets you post 12 photos so be sure to take 12 and display them on there.

If you have a garden, find the nicest part where you can photograph the lawnmower whilst it’s on the grass.

It looks much better than in a dimly lit shed or garage and the buyer feels as though they get good look around.

This example photograph is an example of how NOT to do it!

When I know I’m going to sell on facebook marketplace I also film a video showing the lawnmower being started and running, if you do this just post it in the comment section of your listing, or if someone makes an enquiry on messenger send them the video.

Being able to send a video of a lawnmower running to a potential customer is a great way to make a sale.

In short, take the time to write a great listing with lots of great photographs.

Where To Buy Lawnmowers In Bulk (At Rock Bottom Prices)

As promised I’m going to share where to buy multiple lawnmowers at rock bottom prices.

Take a look at this machinery auction catalogue. auction catalogue

There are 197 lawnmowers for sale all in one place. The profit potential is amazing if you are wanting to scale up your business and repair multiple lawnmowers. These auctions are in many local areas so be sure to do a google search for machinery auctions in your local area.

I regularly borrow a friends van and collect 10 lawnmowers in one afternoon!

Take a look at the example auction catalogue.

I mark up any lawnmowers that I like the sound of before arriving at the auction. They are laid out on a field or warehouse in one long line so you can go down and look at them all with your auction catalogue and mark up any of interest.

The advantage of this is that you can actually try the lawnmowers first before bidding!

Arrive early and make a shortlist of all the lawnmowers you wish to bid on. The lawnmowers are all numbered to correspond with your auction catalogue.

Write all the details down on the catalogue and a maximum price you are willing to pay. I usually shortlist around 25 and win around 10 to take home.

I will share a few tips on what to buy.

Look for lawnmowers in cosmetically good condition complete with grass box or bag. If the lawnmower runs and the self-drive works add it to the list.

Avoid rear roller models of lawnmowers with self-drives on at all costs. It will be at the end of its serviceable life.

If you are unsure if  a self-drive works because a lawnmower won’t start, activate the lever and drag the lawnmower backwards. If the wheels lock there is a good chance the self-drive works. Also during this process release the operating lever for the self-drive and make sure the wheels unlock.

You will win more auctions at absolute rock bottom prices if you bid on the lawnmowers that don’t start, but with your new knowledge of servicing you will have the skills to diagnose and repair them easily and for very little if any cost.

Always buy complete lawnmowers with grass box or bag. Make sure it fits the lawnmower it’s been sold with!

Where possible, purchase lawnmowers with a working self-drive as they resell for higher prices. On the auction catalogue, I would be looking at anything with a branded engine on such as Briggs And Stratton Honda Hayter etc. Lawnflight, MTD, Sovereign, for example, would be the lawnmowers I would bid on.

If you don’t know what make or model a lawnmower is then you should avoid purchasing it as you will struggle to find any parts you may need.

One final tip is to visit the auctions regularly out of the cutting season. You will be amazed just how cheaply you can win the auction.

You will need an account to bid at an auction. This is free. Just go in and ask and they will take a few details and issue you a card with a number on to hold up when you bid.

Selling Lawnmower Spares

Not everyone wants to spend the time or effort doing repairs and listing lawnmowers.

There is a great way to still make money from lawnmowers by stripping them down and individually selling the parts.

Take a look right now on eBay and type the word lawnmower spring.

The cheapest new parts on eBay, even the smallest ones are much more expensive than you first may imagine. There is huge potential in selling second-hand spares online but the key is knowing how to list them properly.

Service Ticket

If you ever look to purchase any spare parts online (or off) you will be asked for the service ticket.

Without these details, the supplier can’t be sure they will be supplying the correct part.

Each time you list a part on eBay you need to add the lawnmower model number to the item description and especially the title.

Take a look at the example photograph provided.

Doing this will massively help your items be found online and will give you an advantage over many competitors.

Include good quality photographs and ask for feedback if you don’t receive any from your buyer.

There are hundreds of parts on each and every lawnmower you can individually sell for profit. And remember listing on eBay nowadays is free and you can automatically set items to re-list if they don’t sell.

I have even sold decals (stickers) off lawnmowers in the past as well as individual bolts and even washers.

I recommend doing this in the winter months as you can pick up very cheap lawnmowers at an auction with rotten cutting decks and sell the individual parts.

There really is great money to be made even if you wish to do this without attempting any repairs.

Free Lawnmowers!

This is my favourite killer tip.

Picking up a lawnmower that’s completely free is amazing as you will get 100% profit.

Some of the most profitable lawnmowers I have had have been completely free.

So how do I do this?

Offer free local delivery. As previously discussed I often offer to deliver my lawnmowers free of charge in my local area, not only does this help me sell for the maximum asking price but it gets me face to face with my customer.

Unless someone is a new homeowner there is a very good chance they will be buying your lawnmower to replace an old broken one!

Nobody wants the hassle of taking an old broken lawnmower to the tip/skip especially if they can get it taken away free of charge!

Always ask if the customer has an old lawnmower they want rid of. I have had some absolutely fantastic lawnmowers given to me free of charge.

Most times these lawnmowers only need the servicing discussed above to restore them to full working order.

Sometimes customers ask if you will take it in part exchange. I sometimes do this but not very often. I usually ask if they have an old lawnmower and if the answer is yes the customer often attempts to sell it to me.

Unless it’s an absolutely amazing lawnmower I just can’t turn down, I usually say I will take it away for free as a favour but I don’t have room to store it easily.

Never seem too desperate and you will often come away with a free lawnmower.

Final Thoughts And Tips

If you take the time to watch my youtube video tutorials you will have all the knowledge you need to successfully repair lawnmowers for profit.

You can view them all here for free

The key to making money selling lawnmowers is not only buying cheap and selling for maximum profit but also doing a great job of servicing repairing and creating an inviting listing.

If you need any advice please leave a comment on any of my youtube videos and I will reply as soon as possible.

Never use aftermarket parts. In fact, I only list genuine parts on my recommended products page.

Choosing your first lawnmower to repair is very important and I do suggest a Briggs And Stratton Classic engine. You will learn an awful lot by repairing your first few lawnmowers and quickly build up experience.

Be safe. No matter what repair you are doing always remove the spark plug lead and never bypass a safety feature. They are there to protect you.

Be honest when selling. Do not pretend you have serviced a carburettor if you haven’t for example. You will get found out and it will be embarrassing.

Do the right thing at all times and build up your own reputation as the local “go-to” Mower Man (or Mower Woman!).

I wish you every success and you would be doing me a huge favour if you could share this article far and wide.

You can find lots more information and start repairing lawnmowers for profit by checking out my online training here

Here’s a whole playlist of Briggs And Stratton Lawnmower repairs to get you up and running.

The very best of luck, have fun and always put safety first.

Happy Mowing.






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