32 Best Tools For Starting A Lawnmower Servicing And Repair Business

32 Best Tools For Starting A Lawnmower Servicing And Repair Business

When I started repairing lawnmowers for profit the only tools I had were what was left in the garage by the previous owner of the house.

There wasn’t much!

However, with a basic set of spanners and a few screwdrivers covered in paint, I managed to successfully repair my first few lawnmowers.

You don’t need expensive tools to start your own lawnmower repair business.

Actually, I can remember making my very first sale. Let’s just say it was a better return on investment than any bank account will give you.

Over the years I have re-invested some of my profits back into my business to make repairs much easier.

In this article, I have included all the tools, spares and equipment I regularly use when repairing lawnmowers.

Many of the products I have listed were specifically purchased to save time or to make repairs easier and simply give a better-finished result.

There is nothing here that I don’t use regularly. I’m certainly not suggesting all these are essential but anything included in this article has been a worthwhile purchase.

I have taken great care to include my own personal choices if I had to start over today on my recommended products page.


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Socket Set

This was my first “Big” purchase.

Around 14 years ago I purchased a quality 150 piece socket set with a lifetime guarantee. It not only featured sockets but also spanners screwdriver bits and extensions plus a few more handy tools.

I still use this socket set and have only once had to return a part for replacement.

I still have every single piece.

It has stood the test of time and I honestly can’t imagine not having it.

It was a world of difference from having to try and find a spanner or socket in an old tool kit to simply pick out the right rachet extension and socket.

I highly recommend re-investing your profits back into purchasing a high-quality socket set.

This has, without doubt, become my best purchase for repairing lawnmowers for profit and it should be your first purchase.

Air Compressor

For the first few years, I didn’t own an air compressor. I serviced all my carburettors and blew out all the holes using cans of compressed air.

Eventually, I decided to purchase a small air compressor to help service the carburettors.

I have used it for so many more things from cleaning lawnmower engines clearing workspaces including my garage floor and blowing up the kids paddling pool and car tyres!

Seriously though its excellent for drying parts off and removing dirt from lawnmower cutting decks and of course blowing out carburettors you can also run air tools such as impact wrenches from them.

The list of uses is endless

I use my air compressor in some capacity on nearly every lawnmower I work on and it’s become an essential piece of workshop equipment I really wouldn’t want to be without.

Impact Wrench

This is my most recent purchase.

I have honestly lost count of the wasted hours trying to remove a lawnmower blade bolt. Having an impact wrench removes any blade bolt in seconds.

In the last year since I purchased my impact wrench, it has not once failed to undo a bolt, even a blade bolt on a bent blade.

It still impresses me every time I use it and I have a little smile to myself when I think about how I used to struggle.

I really should have bought an impact wrench many years ago. It’s also really handy for removing the long bolts that fit through the lawnmower head.

Please feel free to take a look at my Youtube channel to see exactly which tools I use regularly.

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Impact Sockets

Regular sockets should not be used with an impact wrench. They have been known to shatter and cause serious damage.

Be sure to select a well-respected brand of impact sockets they will last a very long time and are the only correct sockets to use with an impact wrench.

Be sure to wear safety glasses also and always read the operating instructions.

Safety Glasses

This is one of the cheapest purchases you will make. I especially recommend using safety glasses when using a bench grinder on an impact wrench.

Years ago I worked on aircraft and through accident ended up with aviation fuel in my eyes. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I strongly recommend you take the time to purchase and use safety glasses.

Work Bench

Having a workbench is vital. It’s not much fun kneeling down on the floor for long periods of time working on lawnmowers.

I have a workbench in my garage and for many years I used to work on lawnmowers outside without one. This is alright for short periods of time.

Look for a workbench that can be easily transported from inside to outside. It’s much nicer working outside in the summer months, also look for a bench that is a good working height for you.

Parts Washers

Parts washers are really useful, particularly if you are doing complete overhauls and removing the lawnmower engine from the cutting deck. The arent essential and take up a good amount of space.

I have a parts washer but only use it occasionally.

Depending on your needs take a look at parts washers and be sure to buy good quality parts washer fluid. They are really useful for cleaning larger carburettors and really dirty oily parts.

Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

This tool is great for removing screws that are hidden deep in covers and guards.

It can be really annoying to undo a screw and still be unable to remove it. Years ago my young son was “helping” me with my repairs and decided to drop the blade bolt down into the oil sump!

Having a magnetic pickup tool will come in very handy for all sorts of reasons including when you drop a part down the back of the workbench.

It’s a tool that gets used regularly.


I honestly don’t have a good set of screwdrivers,I do however have just about every size and shape I need for lawnmower repair.

Make sure if you purchase a set of screwdrivers it includes flathead Philips and hex shaped parts also, as they are often used on the plastic starter recoil covers.

It will be worth looking for screwdrivers with magnetic tips also as this helps re-fit screws in awkward areas.

If you purchase a quality socket set it will often come with many parts you need.

Spark Plug Sockets

Spark plugs can be difficult to access and often inaccessible by a spanner or a standard socket.

I recommend purchasing a spark plug socket. Look for one that is one piece and has different sizes on each end as spark plugs vary in size.

I remove the spark plug before doing any repair so this is a tool that gets used a lot especially when attempting to start a lawnmower with easy start.

Easy Start

Easy Start comes in cans and is a formula designed to start engines. I use this a lot when I pick up a lawnmower that wont start.

I remove the spark plug and spray some easy start into the engine then quickly replace the spark plug and attempt to start the lawnmower.

If it starts briefly then dies at least you know that potentially you have a lawnmower that will run and has spark. It’s a great way to find out if you have fuel starvation issues.

Carburettor Spray

I use carburettor spray every time I service a lawnmower carburettor. It is designed to remove any stale fuel from all the tiny holes in a lawnmower carburettor. It’s not a good idea to service a carburettor without this.

Once you have left the spray long enough to work simply blow the carburettor through with a compressor or a can of compressed air.

Magnetic Parts Tray

Losing parts is awful. Especially a spring or a small screw. I always use my magnetic parts tray when removing bolts, screws, springs and linkages from lawnmowers.

Even if you accidentally drop the magnetic parts tray all parts stay in position as the magnet is very strong. I use this a lot and it saves time searching for lost parts.

Two Jaw Puller

A two jaw puller is a useful tool for removing blade adapters from the crankshaft of a lawnmower. Blade adapters are designed to break when a hard object is accidentally struck with the blade.

Using a 2 jaw puller is a simple way to remove the blade adapter, they can be awkward to remove without one.

I place a long blade bolt loosely into the blade adapter then attach the 2 jaw puller to the outside of the blade adapter and tighten it against the bolt.

This effortlessly pulls the blade adapter from the crankshaft and saves a lot of time and effort.

Wire Brush

Rounding off a screw head from a belt guard cover or a blade bolt can cost a ridiculous amount of time.

I use my wire brush for cleaning off these parts before removal.

I also use a wire brush to clean off the underside of a lawnmower cutting deck and to help clean up a spark plug. This is a simple tool you will get plenty of use from.

Impact Screwdriver

An impact screwdriver is useful for removing screws from the belt guard.

Often these screws are badly rusted and I find using an impact screwdriver without having to hit it in the traditional way often helps remove these screws.

It’s the extra weight that makes the difference and I use this a lot.

Pull Cord Rope

You can purchase 100 metres of pull cord rope for almost the same price as one length.

It comes on a roll and will last for years. I suggest buying a full roll of pull cord rather than one at a time. I use 3.5 mm on all lawnmowers and have never had a problem.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Having an ultrasonic cleaner is useful as it can clean internal parts of carburettors using high-frequency pressure and sound waves.

Take a look on Youtube to see how an ultrasonic cleaner works and if it will be a useful addition for you.


Owning a set of quick release clamps helps you when replacing the starter recoil rope.

Each time I pull the old rope out I use my clamp to hold the recoil in position.

This helps as you are working against the tension of the starter recoil spring. Using a clamp holds everything in position while you change the rope and makes the job much easier.

Mole Grips

Mole grips come in useful especially if a part has become rounded off. I often use mole grips to clamp the fuel line whilst I remove the carburettor.

I probably should use a small clamp but I always have my mole grips handy. The advantage of mole grips is the size can be easily adjusted for various uses.

Adjustable Spanners

I keep two adjustable spanners in my car. Not all lawnmowers have quick release handles and often they have been connected by a nut and bolt.

Keeping two adjustable spanners in my car means that I can fold the handles down on any lawnmower and easily get it in my car.

Even if I see one left outside for scrap!

Feeler Gauges

You will need a set of feeler gauges to be able to correctly set the valves on a lawnmower.

A feeler gauge helps you set the correct gap on the lawnmower valves. Without one, you won’t know if they are set correctly.

You can also use a feeler gauge to set the gap on the spark plug.

Flywheel Puller

Removing a flywheel is necessary to check the crankshaft keyway. You will need to do this if the lawnmower has incorrect timing.

Using a flywheel puller is the only correct way to remove a flywheel.

A flywheel puller works by screwing it into the top of the flywheel and tightening.

This, in turn, pulls the flywheel up and off the crankshaft and is a much better way than tapping the flywheel from underneath with a heavy rubber mallet.

Bench Grinder

I use my bench grinder to sharpen lawnmower blades.

This obviously saves a massive amount of time compared to manually filing a blade. Its is quicker for altering the angle and balance of the lawnmower blade also.

Blade Balancing Tool

A blade balancing tool is a pyramid-shaped tool that you sit a lawnmower blade on to check the balance.

Balancing a lawnmower blade helps with timing and particularly helps reduce vibration throughout the lawnmower.

Spark Plug Tester

It’s often difficult to test for spark when working alone, especially outside.

A spark plug tester is a tool that you attach directly to the spark plug. If you have a spark when pulling the pull cord the spark plug tester lights up.

This eliminates the need of having to set the spark plug against something metal which is usually in a place you can’t see when operating the pull cord.

Oil Extractor

I use a Pela 5000 oil extractor for extracting both oil and fuel from all my lawnmowers.

I really don’t like to tip a lawnmower on its side unless absolutely necessary as this can lead to starting and white smoke problems.

Using an oil extractor eliminates the need to tip over a lawnmower and is a really clean process of removing fluids from a lawnmower, it also stores it until you have the opportunity to dispose of it in the correct way.

I use my extractor a lot. It saves a lot of mess and time.

Oil And Funnels

Most lawnmowers use SAE 30 oil so I suggest purchasing a 5-litre container.

Most lawnmowers use half a pint of oil (284mm) This is a more cost-effective option and will allow you to replace the oil on your first ten lawnmowers.

You will also need a small funnel to save spillage.

Spring Compression Tool

Briggs And Stratton offer a spring compression tool for removing the valve springs on a flathead engine. This tool slides in from the side of the lawnmower and compresses the springs which allows you to remove the valves.

It’s almost impossible to do this without a spring compression tool and is a good tool to have available.

Diaphragm And Gasket Sets

The most common repair I do is replace the diaphragm and gasket on Briggs And Stratton lawnmowers.

Be sure to keep a stock of diaphragm and gaskets and always use original parts. Aftermarket gaskets are useless and often cause further problems.

Spark Plugs

I buy NGK spark plugs in boxes of 10. The most common spark plug I use is  NGK BR2-LM most lawnmowers use this size plug.

Never buy cheap spark plugs they rarely work, personally, I only buy NGK because I have never had a defective one.

Woodruff Crankshaft Keys

I like to keep woodruff crankshaft keys as spares.

If a keyway is damaged it can be really frustrating waiting for such a small part to arrive in the post.

I like to stock both the crankshaft key and also the half moon shaped keyways that sit on the lower crankshaft where the blade adapter sits.

Final Thoughts

There are many other products I like to keep in stock. Having a large roll of cloth to keep things clean and tidy is helpful.

I also always have WD-40 penetrating spray and Gunk cleaner readily available. It can be handy to have some gasket sealant and a dremmel drill for cutting off broken bolts.

There are many products I regularly use and I have attempted to only include parts I regularly use in this article.

As stated at the beginning of this article you really don’t need many tools to start repairing lawnmowers for profit.

I do suggest putting some of your profit back into your business to make life much easier.

I have taken a great deal of time to add all these suggestions to my recommended products page.

These would be my personal choices if I had to replace all my tools and equipment today.

Please take a look at the recommended products page for more help and information.


Happy Mowing.


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