Lawnmower Carburetors

Common Carburetors For Your Lawnmower. Briggs And Stratton Or Honda.

Here you will find my battle-tested list of carburettors. All the items listed here are genuine parts. Do not buy aftermarket Carburettors they do not work! (believe me, I’ve tried!)

Sometimes it’s just quicker (and easier) to replace an entire carburettor.


Please note all parts listed are personally picked and I have gone to the trouble of only selecting genuine parts where possible.

Leave me a comment on my Youtube channel if you can’t find a part. Just post your question in the comments section of any video and I will get back to you.

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I have done this many times especially on the Briggs And Stratton plastic pulsa style carburettor. They are a plastic carburettor sitting on a metal gas tank. Over time they can become warped and no matter what you do it won’t work correctly or form a good seal between the carburettor and petrol tanks.

You may experience gas leakage and hunting and surging problems if this part needs replacing!

Sometimes, unfortunately, total replacement is the only way

Here is a link to a Briggs and Stratton Genuine 795477 Carburetor

This is used on many Brigss And Stratton Lawnmowers including the Briggs And Stratton 35 classic engine and many others.

There is only one size of this carburettor so if it looks correct for your lawnmower then it’s definitely this part.

It comes complete with carburettor, pick up tube, primer bulb and filter plus it has a genuine diaphragm and gasket also. It also includes the vibration spring and the linkage for the governor spring to connect to. In short, it’s ready to go.

This one part eliminates 90% of the problems I come across on Briggs And Stratton Lawnmowers.  Briggs and Stratton Genuine 795477 Carburetor


Other Popular Briggs And Stratton Carburetors

Another popular Briggs And Stratton Carburetor is Generic Carburetor For Briggs and Stratton Mower Quantum Carburettor, 799868 498170 497586 498254 w/ O-ring gasket

This carburettor is fitted to the Quantum series of Briggs And Stratton Engines. It is a little more difficult to service than the pulsa style carburettor so often it is the best option to replace the part. If a lawnmower has been stood for a long time with stale fuel in the carburettor then replacement is a sensible option.





The latest carburettor on the 450 and 500 E series Briggs And Stratton lawnmowers use a plastic bowl style carburettor. This carburettor is basically an in-between of the two listed above.

It uses a bowl style carburettor set up yet it’s plastic.

I like it as it eliminates the problems that can occur on the pulsa style carburettors particularly as it doesn’t require a diaphragm and gasket.

The correct part number is GOOFIT Carburetor Kit 799583 Replacement Gasket for Briggs & Stratton Most Vertical Motors Lawn Mower

This carburettor is very simple to remove and replace as it simply requires you to remove the air filter housing and unhook one linkage.

It can easily be replaced in under ten minutes.



Popular Honda Lawnmower Carburetors

If you have any honda lawnmower such as HONDA GCV160 GCV135 GC135 GC160 HRG Lawnmower IZY  Then it’s great news! All these models of mower use the same carburettor!

You can find the correct one here HURI Carburettor Carb for HONDA GCV160 GCV135 GC135 GC160 HRG Lawnmower IZY Engine Carb Gasket Carburetor

This type of carburettor is slightly more difficult to replace (as there are generally more linkages and springs).

I strongly advise you take a few photographs before removing all the linkages.

You can see a detailed video of how to do this repair on The Honda Service DVD available in the recommended training section of the store.